October 17

Best Practices for Text Marketing


Now that you understand the basics of text marketing, let’s take a look at some best practices that you can use to ensure your campaign is successful. Ultimately, the most important thing here is to stay on top of current regulations related to text messaging and apply proven strategies. Technology evolves rapidly, so you may fall out of compliance if you miss an ything related to these rules, take the time to stay informed.

SMS Marketing

There are plenty of items to keep in mind when staying compliant with SMS marketing, but ensuring you follow those protocols will ensure your SMS marketing campaigns are successful.

98% of all texts are opened, and 90% of those open texts are read within the first three minutes of receiving them. People value the convenience of text messages and how direct the communications are.

What is TCPA?

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act is a set of regulations that were implemented by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in order to protect consumers’ privacy and reduce spammy and persistent telemarketing calls. It specifically prohibits certain types of automated calls, texts, and faxes. 

By remaining compliant, you’ll reap the full benefits of using SMS marketing.

High open rates — The vast majority of all text messages are opened. So, if you send one that is compliant, your customer will likely open it, getting your marketing message across. 

Good conversion rates — If you send customers a text message that doesn’t feel too spammy, you’ll offer them a personalized touch. That’ll make customers more inclined to thoroughly read your messages and utilize your company’s services.

Wide and instant delivery 71% of marketers believe mobile marketing is key for their business. That’s because smartphone usage has skyrocketed and will likely continue to do so as the devices continue to evolve. 

If the text messages your organization is sending out do not comply with TCPA, you’ll be missing out on a huge opportunity. 

 The Best Practices of SMS Marketing

Get permission before sending messages: The first and most important rule of text marketing is to get permission before sending messages. This means ensuring that your customers have opted into your list and that they are expecting to receive messages from you. If you don’t have permission, your customers will likely find your messages to be spam.

Be Clear About Your Program: People should know exactly what to expect before subscribing to your SMS marketing list. The intent of your program should be clear and set expectations about what people will be receiving in the future. It doesn’t have to be complex. Simply write a sentence or two about what they’re signing up for.

Don’t Send Too Often: No one wants a daily text message from your brand. SMS is a personal communication channel that should be respected.

Include Disclaimers: The CTIA is an international nonprofit trade association that represents the wireless communications industry. They’re the source of many SMS marketing best practices and also govern most short code texting. They require you to include “Message and data rates may apply” in your initial opt-in language. This disclaimer simply tells subscribers that joining your SMS program and receiving future messages will count towards whatever text / data allotments their cellular plan has.

Provide an Exit: People should be able to opt out of your SMS program at any time. They should also know how to do so. All mass texting services process special “opt-out keywords” that should immediately unsubscribe people who text them. These words include STOP, UNSUBSCRIBE, STOP, END and CANCEL.

Text During Regular Hours: You should only send text messages during normal hours. Be courteous to your subscribers. They won’t enjoy waking up to your texts in the middle of the night.

Use Common Language: Use SMS shorthand sparingly. While many text, abbreviations are widely understood by people today, not everyone will get it. Additionally, it can look unprofessional depending on your target audience.

Provide Value: Make sure that every text sent is one of value. People have given you permission to communicate with them via a very personal channel. Make it worth it for them.

Text marketing is an extremely powerful tool – but only when it’s done right. By following the best practices outlined in this article, you can be sure that your text marketing campaigns will be effective, compliant, and appreciated by your customers.


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